My Career

Achievements, Frustrations, Sleepless Nights, Salary Negotiations and a lot more.


  • Re-architected the primary cron-job used to fetch inventory data and reduced the running time of less than half using MongoDB has more than 50 lakhs documents.
  • Developed a URL management system to manually activate a combination of URLs using an API which got checked at the time of HTTP request using a middleware on multiple websites (Carindigo, CarHP, TheCarHP), leading to better indexing of our websites on Search engines.
  • Implemented MongoDB indexes to speed up read-queries resulted in page speed insights score from 52 to 80+.
  • Lead the cars inventory vertical of Carindigo and a team of 5 software engineers.

Major Learning: It was the experience where I learned the most. Accountability is the main takeaway for me. If a task has been assigned to you, then YOU solely are accountable for that.


  • I got hired for a product LivePadhai which turned into Coursmy later.
  • I was the first one developing this product and then hired the other members of the tech team.
  • Building a web application for students to attend online classes by paying per class using Razorpay and PayPal payment gateway.
  • Automated live-video conferencing for registered users to attend online classes using GoToWebinar API.
  • Lead the team of 3 software engineers and recommended corrective actions to developers.

Major Learning: Sometimes pivoting the idea is necessary for startups but if the founder tries to keep implementing every piece of advice by others then it's difficult for the team to focus on the plans.


  • This is my first full-time job after graduation.
  • I worked on CoalShastra as a full-stack developer.
  • I developed a chat messenger using Laravel pusher and a dashboard for Coal dealers.
  • The Tech stack used was: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel, MySQL
  • CoalShastra is an online platform to buy and sell Coal. The idea behind the product is amazing.
  • There I learned, what a CEO should not be.

Major Learning: I worked there for 5 months and it seems like the longest time in any organization. I experienced a toxic work-culture and learned how one should be very selective when choosing the companies to work for.

Toffee Insurance

  • It was a 6-month internship I did in the final year of my graduation.
  • I worked on the front-end part of the insurance purchase flow.
  • The Tech stack used for the front-end was HTML, CSS, Susy, Javascript.
  • Toffee Insurance is a web application to purchase and claim byte-sized insurances.
  • There I played table-tennis for the first time, which eventually turned into a never-ending love for table-tennis.

Major Learning: One should be flexible in terms of technology to work on. I got hired as a backend intern but I was working on the front-end part of the website mostly because that was the need of the time.

Steinn Labs

  • It was an internship I did in my 3rd year of graduation.
  • I worked on the backend of HiVirality A pay-per-click platform.
  • It was developed in PHP and MySQL.
  • If you have a Facebook page having more than 1 lakh followers then you can earn through this website. HiVirality gives you some articles to post on your Facebook page and you'll get revenue on pay-per-click basis.

Major Learning: The goal is not just to clear the interview but to deliver the product. I didn't clarify the requirements at the beginning and later got to know that I was missing a big part that should be implemented.