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I'm software engineer and entrepreneur specializing in tech products. Technology is my passion and I love to turn ideas into beautiful things, mostly web applications. Looking for a software developer, a caring friend? It's me!

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Gradually Shifting from desktop to next-generation mobile products

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Mastering DP #1: Introduction to Dynamic Programming

February 28, 2021

Understanding the core concept of dynamic-programming using a very simple example of developing a Fibonacci series using Top-down and bottom-up approach.

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Mastering DP #2: Climbing Stairs problem and Greedy vs DP intuition building

February 28, 2021

Understanding the skeleton of every dynamic problem solution and other dynamic programming terms with the example of Climbing stairs problem.

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Though, i don't do freelancing these days.
But a good idea is still a big turn on for me. Working on some interesting idea? Hit me up!

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